German Ministry of Finance blocked almost all budget allocations 05:15

The German Ministry of Finance, familiar with the decision of the country’s constitutional court that the redistribution of old unclaimed loan funds is illegal, decided to freeze almost all budget allocations. The magazine reports this with reference to a secret document that the Ministry of Finance sent to all departments of the country. Spiegel.

Freezing the limits will affect the budgets of almost all ministries. In order to avoid unnecessary burdens on the budget in the future, additional payments will only be possible in exceptional cases and only after approval by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Such measures would particularly affect the financing of government efforts to maintain energy and electricity prices. It was noted that the restrictions will not apply to constitutional bodies such as the Bundesrat, the Bundesrat and the Federal Constitutional Court.

Previously German Finance Minister Christian Lindner statedthe government will need to find other ways to finance the modernization of the economy and infrastructure. Previously, the German Constitutional Court banned the Council of Ministers from spending 60 billion Euros transferred from the anti-Covid fund to environmental projects.

Previously at the European Commission in the name The amount of Russian sovereign assets frozen in the European Union.

Source: Gazeta


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