Russians’ new fraud scheme revealed 12:08

Scammers are increasingly calling Russians through special announcement applications. This has been reported press service VTB Bank.

“Scammers have found a new way to communicate with users of the advertising platform, which hides the real numbers of its customers for security reasons and offers registered users the opportunity to make calls from within the service through the application,” the message said. says.

It is stated that fraudsters began using this function to extract money from gullible users when they saw a call from the application and answered the phone, believing that they were contacted about the ad.

The credit agency noted that the dialogue follows a classic pattern for scammers: First, the victim is asked questions about the safety of his funds, then he is offered “salvation.”

Artem Izbaenkov, formerly EdgeCenter’s cybersecurity director said said that with the development of artificial intelligence, fraudsters are developing new schemes. Especially the method that uses deepfakes.

Formerly in the State Duma in the name Introducing control over money transfers from pensioners’ accounts.

Source: Gazeta


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