Economist explained the reasons for the weakening of the ruble 13:49

Professor of the Higher School of Economics Evgeniy Kogan on the radio station “Moscow speaks” He said the ruble was weakening as Russian exporters earned foreign exchange earnings in dirhams, yuan and rupees.

Noting that it is not possible to pay for the goods Russia needs with this currency, Erdoğan emphasized that Russia’s imports require dollars and euros.

“We can buy good tea, cloth, gingerbread, incense sticks for rupees; the components cannot be bought for rupees,” Kogan explained.

According to the economist, the decline in the value of the domestic currency is also linked to the complex process of returning foreign exchange earnings.

“Withdrawal of revenues to correspondent accounts of Russian banks is a quest. “This is a fight against following the rules,” the scientist noted.

Kogan emphasized that banks in Western countries are trying to slow down the process of money transfer to the Russian Federation as much as possible.

Before this, BCS World of Investments stock market expert Dmitry Babin said in Russia: not excluded A new wave of weakening of the ruble exchange rate after September 28.

Previously “” said About the actions of the government after Putin’s instruction to strengthen the ruble exchange rate.

Source: Gazeta


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