One of the largest private gas station chains voluntarily lowered fuel prices 13:06

Neftemagistral, one of Russia’s largest independent gas station chains, has voluntarily reduced fuel prices. In this respect reports Federal Antimonopoly Service.

As FAS noted, since September 28, the cost of AI-92 gasoline at the Neftemagistrali gas station has decreased by 2.36 rubles, the cost of AI-95 by 3.17 rubles, and the cost of diesel fuel by 2.4 rubles.

According to FAS representatives, such a decision of the company will increase the availability of fuel for motorists and increase competition in the market between large vertically integrated oil companies and independent gas station networks.

FAS at the end of September sent Request from fuel traders and oil depots to provide data on purchases and sales of petroleum products in the domestic market of the Russian Federation and export supplies for June-August 2023. So anti-monopoly officials began to monitor gray plans for fuel exports from Russia. The agency became interested in the fuel market after the Russian government imposed restrictions on fuel exports from the country in the face of rising energy prices.

Previously FAS excited Case against a major cement manufacturer.

Source: Gazeta


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