ATOR has chosen the two most popular countries among Russians for vacation this summer

HORSE Tour Operators Associations (ATOR) analyzed tour operators’ sales this summer and calculated that more than 85% of sales came from Russia and Turkey.

At the same time, ATOR, taking into account that 75-80% of the domestic tourist flow consists of independent tourists, noted that they will rest many times more in Russia this summer than in Turkey.

“By 30 May, tour operators accounted for about 60-65% of all summer bookings abroad in June, about 25% for July, and only 10-15% for August. For resorts in the south of Russia, the structure is slightly different: June – 45% of bookings, July – 35%, August – about 25%,” ATOR said.

The association also stated that sales of summer tour packages for the year fell by about 20%. The number of tour packages sold abroad decreased by 18-20% compared to last year, and the number of tour packages sold abroad decreased by 70% for some companies. The drop in sales was due, among other things, to the restriction of air traffic. Analysts noted that Crimea “falls” the most in this regard: a decrease was noted in bookings – from 50% to 80% annually.

Still, ATOR reported that Russia is in the top 5 among all Russian tour operators for the first time this year. The most popular destinations are the Krasnodar Territory with Sochi, where the airport is open (more than 60% of all tour package sales), Crimea (about 12-15% of bookings), as well as St. Petersburg and Caucasian Mineralnye Vody (5-7% for each direction).

Previously reportedWhen planning a summer vacation, Russians often chose destinations that were in demand in the Soviet Union.

Source: Gazeta


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