Non-cash payment practice has been introduced for scrap metal deliveries in the Russian Federation 19:33

Starting from October 1, you can deliver scrap metal in Russia via bank transfer. This was reported by TASS Regarding scrap processors association NSRO

It is stated that the law, which came into force on October 1, eliminates the possibility of cash payments to citizens for the delivery of scrap metal and non-ferrous and ferrous metal waste. The processors association noted that non-cash payments will improve the industry in the future.

According to processors’ calculations, the total annual turnover of the scrap industry exceeded 1.5 trillion rubles, while more than 500 billion rubles per year were in the gray zone of the calculations.

Before him, a mechanic from Pskov passed The client’s car was scrapped and he became a defendant in a criminal case.

The person involved in the incident was a person who provided private vehicle repair services to citizens. He posted an ad for car sales on the Internet but could not find a buyer. The man then decided to scrap the customer’s car.

Formerly a car service employee in Novosibirsk stole He hit the customer’s car and crashed it.

Source: Gazeta


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