It was learned where the Russians deposited money 10:19

Russian investors invest 45 percent of their savings in the stock market, 30 percent in real estate, 15 percent in cryptocurrency and 10 percent in precious metals. Tatyana Bunegina, financial advisor to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and owner of the Bestate real estate investment agency, gave these statistics in an interview with, based on data from her clients.

Bunegina explained that before the special operation, 70 percent of investments were in the stock market, 25 percent and 5 percent were in real estate and cryptocurrency.

“This was due to the active growth of the securities market in 2020-2021. The development of large public companies was predictable and investments in the stock market were stable. After February 2022, the situation has changed dramatically. “While some players could not access their foreign securities, some were in a hurry to exit the stock market with minimal losses,” he said.

According to the financial advisor, the unpredictability of the situation and the fear of losing control over their stock portfolios have forced investors to shift their focus to other investment methods (gold, currency, real estate and crypto). In other words, he explained that investors diversified their portfolios.

On September 15, the Central Bank increased the policy rate by 100 basis points to 13% annually. Following this, banks increased rates on deposits and concessional mortgage programs. As a result, the demand for information about deposits increased by 70%, said “Compare” in the financial market “”.

Previously happened It is known how the increase in interest rates will affect the lives of Russians.

Source: Gazeta


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