Elon Musk responded without words to the size of the US national debt 09:45

American entrepreneur Elon Musk reacted with an exclamation mark on the social network X It was announced that the US national debt exceeded 33 trillion dollars for the first time in history.

“!” – He wrote.

Prior to this, the United States Treasury Department reported that the country’s national debt was disclosed for the first time. reached 33 trillion dollars. On the official website of the US Treasury, it is stated that as of September 18, the total public debt of the USA is 33.04 trillion dollars. This is a new record for the American national debt, which surpassed $32 trillion on June 16.

In January, the legal debt ceiling of the USA was exceeded and reached 31.4 trillion dollars. As a result, the country’s Ministry of Finance had to take urgent measures to maintain financial operations. In recent months, the US administration has called on Congress to increase the debt limit. Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, agreed to raise the debt ceiling, subject to significant budget cuts.

previously economist warned Kiev about risks associated with the growth of foreign debt.

Source: Gazeta


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