Colpensiones earned $97,000 million in management profit at the end of 2021

At the time of the presentation of the Colpensiones accounts, Juan Miguel Villa, the head of the organization, reported that they made a profit of $ 97,000 million in the balance of revenue and administrative expenses last year, along with the effective cost of the management commission to the Affiliate. charge was 0.77%.

In 2021, 1.1 million new people joined the Media Premium Regime (RPM), thus reaching 6.7 million affiliates in the public regime; this represents one-third of those connected to the Colombian pension system.

Since its establishment, the Villa has also hitThe number of new retirees reached 700,000, of which 92,000 were tied in 2021, the highest figure in four years.

As for Periodic Economic Benefits (Beps), 165,000 people had entered the program by the end of 2021, reaching 1.6 million connected people, 68% of whom were women. 6,492 life insurances were delivered.

During the delivery, the balance of the Social Protection Floor, which became operational in August 2021 and has reached 11,285 new savers with a contribution of over $2.359 million as of December 31, 2021, was also balanced.

“Most of the results achieved in 2021 are a clear example of a digital transformation process that we started four years ago, which we have simplified with the Electronic Office and the different online procedures available, the demands of the citizens. In the previous year, more than 10 million transactions were carried out through our digital channels such as Electronic Membership, Electronic Transfer, Old Age Pension Special Time Application, Funeral Assistance, Labor History and the most recent Transfer. Electronic Regime on the portal of Colombians abroad. All these services and more in the comfort of every home”, underlined Juan Miguel Villa, the head of the institution.

The head of Colpensiones also reported on advances in the field of judicial defense, where the legal entity won various proceedings in different courts, thereby avoiding the payment of $279,000 million for administrative procedures, legal action and the prevention of unlawful damage.

“What we achieved in 2021 is a reflection of the important work being done by more than 3,000 collaborators on the national soil, and thanks to this great work, it allows us to maintain the confidence of our users as we continue to be the number one asset in mind as the pension manager most remembered by Colombians. Our target for this 2022 is to maintain that reputation and trust with approximately 10 million Colombians who have invested their future in Colpensiones”, concluded the party chairman.

Source: Lare Publica


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