Federation Council explains how the West, instead of Russia, is punishing itself

Senator Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of the Interim Commission on Information Policy and Mass Media Interaction of the Federation Council, telegraph channel He talked about how, despite the sanctions, the West punished him instead of Russia.

“The West’s sanctions war against one of the key powers of the modern world has led to a global destabilization of food and energy markets. And this is a largely unexpected consequence for the West itself, for globalization itself, which they so actively impose on the world through Westernization and Americanization, but not realizing that they themselves are largely dependent on it, ”says Pushkov.

He noted that the economic globalization that the US seeks has a side that cannot be controlled by the US or the G7.

“So if his logic is violated, he will be punished for it. It is already clear that the world economy will simply collapse if sanctions such as those imposed by the West against Russia are imposed against China, which has a huge GDP and a larger share of world trade than the United States. And the West will not be able to save itself from this collapse,” explained Pushkov.

Former Ministry of Industry and Trade of India knowledgeable on the prohibition of wheat exports due to the increase in world prices.

Source: Gazeta


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