IMF warns of risks of situation with US public debt 21:37

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the situation with the US government raising the debt ceiling could pose systemic risks to the US and the global economy. TASS.

According to the fund, the current situation “could create additional, fully avoidable systemic risks to the American and global economy” while there is already “visible tension”.

May 25 US President Joe Biden declarationThe American administration and the United States Congress agree that default in the country is unacceptable, and progress has been made in negotiations to raise the national debt ceiling.

Before The Washington Post listed Significant events that increased the US national debt to $31 trillion. These are the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in particular.

Former Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen stated In a letter to Congressional leaders, the country is “very likely” to default by June 1 unless steps are taken to raise or suspend the national debt limit, according to the Department.

Source: Gazeta


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