Central Bank responds to reports of increased requirements for down payment on mortgage loans 19:36

The Bank of Russia does not set requirements for the size of the down payment for mortgage loans. It has been announced editor’s press serviceHe comments on media reports that from June 1, the Bank of Russia will allegedly increase the down payment requirement for a mortgage to 20%.

“The Bank of Russia does not set requirements for a mortgage down payment,” the statement said.

As noted in the press service, this is done by the banks themselves.

26 May reportedFrom June 1, Russian banks will begin a gradual increase in the minimum down payment for a mortgage. This is due to the Central Bank’s message. It was published at the end of March, but attention was paid to it only now.

As stated in the editor’s message, “a gradual increase in minimum down payment requirements has been achieved: from June 1, 2023 – 20%, from January 1, 2024 – 30%”.

The Central Bank also noted that banks will need to apply premium risk ratios on mortgage loans for new buildings. These appropriations will be applied within one year after the house is put into service.

Source: Gazeta


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