Russian Deputy Prime Minister Novak discussed energy resources with Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto 22:40

Hungarian Foreign and Foreign Economic Relations Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Facebook (the owner of Meta is considered extremist and banned in Russia) in a phone call with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak that he agreed to maintain an uninterrupted supply of oil and gas. to the Hungarian side.

“Alexander Novak assured us that despite international sanctions, the Russian side can perform repairs on the Turkish Stream gas pipeline so that gas supply to Hungary will be uninterrupted in the near future,” Szijjarto said.

Peter Szijjártó, formerly Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, said in a telephone conversation with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak: sure The Hungarian side’s intention is to continue to block sanctions on Russia’s nuclear energy.

Prior to that, the head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budapest won’t happen Refusing to cooperate with Russia in the field of energy.

Source: Gazeta


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