In Ukraine, 00:02 called the approximate timing of the restoration of the country’s energy system

Ruslan Slobodyan, Head of the State Energy Supervision Inspectorate of Ukraine (Gosenergonadzor), said it will take years to fully restore the damaged energy system of the republic. Words lead the way DEA News.

“It will take a very long time to heal, full recovery will likely take more than a year,” Slobodyan said.

According to him, as a result of the bombardment, the reliability of electrical networks dropped significantly, at the moment power engineers cannot guarantee uninterrupted power supply.

“The speed of recovery is proportional to the speed of new damage,” said the head of the State Energy Supervision Agency.

According to him, the energy situation in Ukraine remains difficult.

On the eve of the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko declarationcertain temporary restrictions on electricity supply are possible in the Zhytomyr and Kiev regions of the country due to repair work at grid facilities.

Source: Gazeta


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