Tape production started in the Russian region due to its shortage due to sanctions

A complex was built in Vladivostok for the production of cash register tape, which is in demand in the retail trade. writes about him TASS.

The work of the enterprise is designed to reduce the lack of thermal tape for checks arising due to sanctions.

Production volumes range from 50 to 100 tons per month. The tape produced is used in cash registers to issue checks to customers at ATMs.

Previously, thermal paper was supplied to Russia from Europe and South Korea.

It is now equipped with fully automatic high-speed equipment of Russian production.

before in Russia suggested measures to combat unreasonably high-priced retail chains. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Deputy Pavel Krupnik sent a letter to Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, in which he pointed out the need to introduce state regulation of markings on retail goods in chains, which systematically unreasonably overestimates their cost, and also ignores the requirements of supervisory authorities.

Source: Gazeta


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