“Where do you get the money, distribute it from the helicopter?” The State Duma discussed the 13th pension The State Duma presented a bill on the annual payment of the 13th pension on December 06.12.2022 at 22:29

Deputies of the group “Fair Russia – For Truth” headed by Sergei Mironov on Tuesday, December 6, made A bill providing for the annual payment of an additional old-age pension to the State Duma.

For the first time this month, parliamentarians are proposing to accrue these funds on New Year’s Eve.

As indicated in the text, relevant changes should be made in the Federal Law “On Insurance Pensions”. “Each pensioner receiving an old-age pension will be paid an additional pension (the so-called 13th pension) once a year in December,” the explanatory note says.

The bill also proposes doubling the fixed payment to old-age insurance pensions for people over 70.

Recalls that in the current version of the law such a norm is provided for 80-year-old citizens TASS.

“The adoption of these changes will increase the social responsibility of the state in relation to people whose childhood and youth passed in extremely difficult conditions associated with the Great Patriotic War and the subsequent restoration of the national economy,” the authors of the document write. .

“Retirees are the most socially vulnerable citizens, the state is obliged to provide them with support in the form of additional payments,” Mironov said.

“There is not enough money for such assistance to pensioners”

Member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Svetlana Bessarab (United Russia) described the introduction of the 13th pension in Russia as impossible.

“The 13th salary in organizations is planned according to the results of financial and economic activities, when the result exceeds expectations and plans for the year. In this case, conscientious employers share this extra piece of the pie with employees.

It is completely incomprehensible to me what the 13th month is.”

According to him, in Russia “a system of cooperative pension insurance, contribution payments are made monthly according to the standards established under the law.” The MP stated that it is not clear from where it is proposed to get funds for the 13th pension. NSN.

“Objectively, interference was not calculated. Where to get such additional funds? Scatter from a helicopter? He finished Bessarab.

“Paying the 13th pension in Russia will take about 600 billion rubles, but there is not enough money in the budget for such assistance to pensioners”

Viktor Lyashok, a senior researcher at the RANEPA Institute for Social Analysis and Prediction, commented on the initiative.

He reminded that the practice of paying the 13th pension is in some Western countries, especially Italy, Poland and Hungary. According to his estimates, making such a payment in the Russian Federation could be only with the help of a proportional reduction in the size of monthly transfers, the author DEA News.

At the same time, Lyashok explained that it is not possible to provide the 13th pension from salaries at the expense of insurance fees, because in 2022 they grow at the same pace as pensions in nominal terms.

Social justice principle

At the end of December 2021, the LDPR fraction, headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, submitted a bill to the State Duma. set an annual New Year’s Eve payment pensioners – in the amount of pension received by the citizen.

The government of the Russian Federation later expressed a negative opinion on the bill. The Cabinet stated that the purpose of the pension is to compensate for lost earnings (incomes) or damage to health, “the proposed payment is not compensatory and is aimed at additional financial support”.

“At the same time, the determination of the proposed amount of payment based on the amount of pension a citizen receives will lead to an imbalance in the existing system of social protection measures and a violation of the principle of social justice. The government noted that different categories of pensioners will receive different amounts of financial support.

We add that from January 1, 2023, the indexation of insured pensions will be 4.8%. According to the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov, in December 2022 the average pay will reach 20,864 rubles.

December 5 Russian President Vladimir Putin Established The cost of living for 2023 is 14,375 rubles.

Note that the official inflation forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for 2022 is 12.4% and for 2023 is 5.5%.

A bill was submitted to the State Duma, providing for the payment of an annual supplement, that is, the 13th old-age pension. A year ago, a similar document was received from Vladimir Zhirinovsky, which received a negative opinion from the government. Experts note that even now the question of where to get the necessary funds (about 600 billion rubles) remains open. Read more in the article “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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