Russian Foreign Ministry threatens to stop oil supply to countries participating in price ceiling 14:32

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that the Russian Federation will stop oil supplies to countries that decide to join the ceiling price for Russian oil. Zakharova announced that Information.

The diplomat stressed that the Russian side has repeatedly warned that imposing a ceiling price on oil from Russia is an “anti-market measure” that “disrupts supply chains” and could “significantly complicate the situation in global energy markets”.

“The Russian Federation does not plan to supply oil to countries that will join the buyer cartel,” he said.

Zakharova pointed out that many oil producing states “oppose this measure”. According to the diplomat, they understand that Western countries can apply a similar measure to any other state.

“The rough price dictatorship undermines the world trade system and sets a dangerous precedent not only for the energy market, but also for international trade in general,” the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry summarized.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova said that more facts in Ukraine show this. to go Conflict between Russia and NATO.

Source: Gazeta


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