The economist explained why white goods prices may increase in the new year 15:09

Every New Year in Russia is accompanied by an increase in prices and tariffs, and household appliances are no exception, registered Elena Veduta, Head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Economic Policy at Moscow State University, in an interview with the Public News Service. The specialist advised you to shop in advance.

“Currently, there is an increase in imports and a decrease in exports, which is not good for our producers. This means that it makes sense to stockpile imported household appliances now.”

In addition to Europe and America, Veduta advised to buy Chinese equipment, as it is cheaper and not much inferior to Western counterparts.

Former Candidate of Economic Sciences Mikhail Belyaev declaration, as of December 1 of this year, the prices of the products that Russians are accustomed to seeing on the New Year’s table in Russia will begin to rise. First of all, according to him, fish delicacies will become much more expensive. The expert added that the prices of sparkling wine, cognac and smoked products are also expected to increase.

Source: Gazeta


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