The first snow fell on one of the most dangerous roads in Russia (video)

The Kultuk Canal is considered the most dangerous road in Siberia and one of the most difficult roads in Russia in general. The name is not on modern maps, but this is the only “wire” that leads to the M-55 highway from Irkutsk to the village of Kultuk on Lake Baikal – you will certainly drive along the 60-mile serpentine when you get to Ulan-Ude , Chita or Vladivostok. The road is beautiful, but full of dangers.

The trail continues to wind at steep angles, forming “mother-in-law’s tongues”, along with steep inclines and descents. You can’t even relax for a minute. According to statistics, 3-4 fatal accidents occur here every month (!)

In the current off-season, motorists are unlikely to drive on the Kultuksky Canal as an “easy walk”.

The first “bell” came at the beginning of the week: sudden snow surprised the drivers – no one had time to change shoes yet. This time there were no casualties, but the infamous road again unequivocally hinted that jokes are bad with it…

  • And a few weeks ago, a car transporter carrying new cars overturned on an unfinished bridge in Mordovia…
  • “Behind the Wheel” can be seen on RuTube.

Video: VKontakte / Truckers

Source: Z R


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