Which coffee should not be drunk while driving at night?

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I live in two cities and often go on business trips – from Moscow to Ivanovo. The journey takes about 4-6 hours, I’m on the track from 10am to 2am – this is just the peak of my sleep. Therefore, I have to use several tricks not to fall asleep at the wheel.

1. Get enough sleep

The day before the trip I try to sleep well so that the body is restored as much as possible – this is the first.

2. Not Loading

Second, before the trip itself, I try to put off all burdens, rest for 30-60 minutes and ideally drink a cup of coffee and get some sleep. Then the caffeine in the body works properly, turns on during sleep and you have a lot of energy for the journey.

3. Turn on the music and sing along

The first hour on the road is always calm, but nevertheless I try to turn on the music from the start – not relaxing, but as energizing as possible and making it a little above average in volume. The main thing here is to hear the signals from other cars so that no traffic accident occurs. I also recommend that you turn on a well-known playlist and sing along: When you sing, you don’t want to sleep and the time goes by faster on the way.

4. Long talk

If you have a close friend or relative who can talk to you, call them. And it is better to put the talk mode on the speaker. This works very well, especially now that a lot of calling is unlimited or you can call via the internet. Make a list of people you want to talk to and keep in touch with during your trip. A person will be happy, firstly, that you reminded yourself of yourself, and secondly, it will help you brighten up the loneliness during a night trip, and the time will fly by many times faster during a conversation.

5. Stops every half hour

Also stop every 30 minutes. Try to cheer up during stops. The ideal way is a small fee. Do 10 sit-ups, 20 jumps in place, if you can do push-ups, do push-ups. Now many gas stations have sports fields, horizontal bars or bars. If you can pull up, pull up. Well, or just hang, let your spine stretch. The moment we drive a car, our body comes to a standstill, causing the blood to circulate poorly. The slower your blood circulates, the more likely you are to fall asleep.

6. Drink Dirty Drinks

Next up are drinks. Under no circumstances should you drink cappuccino or latte in the evening, because milk has the ability to relax. Your drink should be a little off-putting, like an Americano without sugar. You can also drink green tea, it has a high caffeine content, which gives you energy. In addition, do not forget to drink a lot of water, the more water you drink, the more often you want to go to the toilet – this also prevents you from falling asleep.


And yet, if possible, try to drive less at night. This is more dangerous than any day trip, in addition, the body has to recover at night. But if you do have to make night drives, use these tips, it will make driving easier.

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