What to put on the engine, original or analog? Here are the test results!

The issue of analog components has been discussed a lot lately – and it is likely that non-genuine spare parts for a number of car brands will soon become (and become) our reality. But with regard to the selection of the main components and compositions, it was always important to be as careful as possible. Representatives of GAZ on the factory’s YouTube channel compared the theme of the non-original cylinder head of the UMZ-4216 engine with that of the manufacturer.

Gaskets and fasteners are included in the patented head delivery package, allowing the buyer to assemble the motor without running through the shops. However, with a much simpler equipped cylinder head from a third-party manufacturer, you can save a lot on the purchase: 30 thousand rubles, while a branded kit costs 35 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the header in the annotation at the analog node is not inferior to the original in terms of operational properties. Clarity was made by the tests shown in the video. To begin with, both cylinder heads were subjected to detailed measurements. It turned out that there are inconsistencies in a number of sizes in the mind of a third-party manufacturer.

And then both heads were put on the motor and forced to work for 400 hours, with 50% of the time in maximum torque mode.

As a result, the cylinder head manufactured by UMP passed the test – the engine did not fail with it and worked all the time. And for a non-original head, already after 200 hours, the wear of the intake bushings exceeded the permissible values ​​​​several times. That is, the resource of such a head will be much less.

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Video: Youtube / GAZ Auto

Source: Z R


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