Silvia Intxaurrondo stops Espinosa de los Monteros at TVE: “I set the order in the debate”

Tension on set ‘time of 1’ during the conversation Silvia Intxaurrondo Y Marc Hall a Ivan Espinosa de los MonterosVox spokesperson in Congress. A day after the far-right confirms its final breakout Macarena OlonaThe politician interfered with public television and got involved in a dispute with the presenters of the format.

Marc Hall The interview began by asking Espinosa de los Monteros about how Vox bumped into Olona.but the guest didn’t want to go into details: “What I said yesterday is the last thing I want to say on this subject. It’s very sad and sad for all of us who love Macarena. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well. It turned out the way I wanted”.

The journalist insisted on this and wanted to investigate the real reasons that led to the disagreement between Olona and Vox, but the party spokesperson refused to respond. “Like I said, these are things I don’t think the Spaniards are interested in”He immediately confirmed that he would attack the Government fiercely for issues that were not on the table at the time.

Therefore, Intxaurrondo interrupted him to direct the interview: “We will talk about these matters soon, but We were asking him specifically about the situation his party was in. Specifically, we ask ourselves whether it was Macarena Olona’s departure that closed the crisis at Vox or was it what opened it up.” “No crisis. It’s a cohesive party (…) we’re stronger than ever.” “Unfortunately, that’s not what some of the press that prefer to highlight Vox’s death like to hear,” he added.

This wasn’t the only scuffle that TVE viewers witnessed during the interview. The presenters then asked him what tax the Government wanted to impose on great wealth; this is a measure that Espinosa de los Monteros describes as “populist”. “I’ve listened to some members and I see none of the public finance professors come in.” He then re-charged Pedro Sánchez’s manager: “We have the most expensive Government in history.”

A few words that bother the host of the program: “To order a little, none of us here are professors”. “I come pretty regularly,” replied the Vox man, to Intxaurrondo’s surprise: “Excuse me?” “I come pretty regularly, you don’t have to give me orders, but come on, go ahead”, the interviewee snapped. “I put the schedule and the discussion in order,” the journalist said. He also revealed that the “president of the Treasury technicians union” had previously intervened in the discussion.

Source: Informacion


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