Especially boasting: which numbers are considered “thieves”

It is generally assumed that cars with ‘nice’ numbers are less likely to be stopped by the traffic police. For some, the combination of symbols has a sacred meaning: certain numbers give the car a special power.

Some drivers are sure that the so-called elite numbers allow them to be rude to other road users with impunity.

So which songs are still considered “thieves”?

Letters on numbers

AAA, BBB, LLC are the most desirable letter combinations on the numbers. But here there are nuances.

State Duma, Presidential Administration, FSO

These services include the letter combinations AAA, AAB, AAC.

State Duma, Presidential Commissions

A combination of letters AAM, TTT. In the driver’s environment, the opinion is that with such numbers the traffic inspectorate ignores minor violations. However, this does not mean that subordinate drivers are breaking more often than usual.

Tax authorities, FSB and FSO

EKX is considered the most inviolable letter combination on numbers. The people of the EKH and decipher: “I go as I want.” In fact, incidents involving cars on such numbers are rare, and when they do, they immediately get a lot of publicity, because today, any passerby who witnessed the incident is ready to immediately film a video and post it on a social network. place.

As for the letters, their meaning may differ in different regions of our country. In addition, there are no official lists of letter combinations of numbers anywhere.

The numbers on the numbers

Digital combinations on license plates are also important. The most popular are 777. They are also called “hooks”.

The popularity of sevens is easy to explain. Seven is considered a lucky number. The sum of three sevens is the number 21, which is called a “point” by fans of the card game.

There is also demand for other digital combinations that add up to 21.

In second place in popularity are numbers with a round value: 100, 200, etc. Below the rank are simpler combinations of the same numbers: 222, 888, etc.

Among car owners, such alphanumeric combinations are considered significant, as for example:

  • O222CA
  • A100OA
  • A001AA

In fact it just looks nice and nothing more.

And yet it’s worth remembering that as cool as the numbers are, they don’t give you any advantage down the road, other than the psychological. Of course, nice numbers can protect against small claims, but you still have to obey the traffic rules. First and foremost, it is the safety of you, your passengers and those around you.

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