Google News Showcase, a new service that covers more than 140 Spanish titles from 60 broadcast groups

Newsrooms of more than 60 Spanish publishing groups 140 titles This Thursday, it will begin offering a selection of its content through Google News Showcase, a new service that will enable the dissemination of up-to-date information through Google News and Google Discover services.

With this initiative, the technology giant, online news program It is under license that allows the media integrated into Showcase to select and present the content they think is most interesting in a panel along with the title and brand image.

They are journalists from the participating media who create and select the content for their screens, directing readers to full articles on their respective web pages.

The public attended the panels via the Google News news aggregation website—on Android, iOS, and web devices—and Google Discover -On Android and iOS.

Each of the media integrated into Showcase is a individual license agreement with Google, where multinational companies financially compensate information companies for limited access to the content they produce.

Company resources mountain landscape (California) highlights the ability of news publishers to select “quality” and “more relevant to users” content presented in a self-titled panel.

Regarding the economic terms of the agreements with information companies, the company “the fairest and fairest with every publisher” according to your contribution.

He underlines that the criteria shared with the titles that will manage the content will be the quality of up-to-date information on the internet and access to relevant and up-to-date stories. “more citizens” and “better informed”.

The same sources warn that affiliate media must respect Google’s disinformation policy, and that the “no fee” will depend on the visibility or absence of each of the stories, meaning that low-quality content is hooked (known as a “clickbait”). ) built to get more visits “There will be no impact on economic conditions.”

Since the global launch of Google News Showcase in October 2020, more than 1,700 media outlets from twenty countries have participated in the project, according to the multinational company’s data. Australia, UK, Japan, Colombia, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, Italy and Argentina.

Google News saved the event in Spain last July. bracket of almost eight years of inactivity and coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the project, after the European copyright directive was transposed into Spanish law at the end of 2021 by a royal decree.

This reactivation is valid for all publishers that comply with their informational content policies. Google News and other collectors.

Each publisher agrees with Google their terms, reactivation of news aggregatorSomething that organizations like the Spanish Federation of Journalists’ Associations have criticized, claiming that negotiations with the tech giant are done through collective organizations, not privately.

Source: Informacion


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