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Important changes for drivers from August 1


a. OSAGO policy will increase in price

At the end of June it was decided to increase the costs of the OSAGO insurance. This primarily affected those who often get into accidents, but also drivers with little experience. The Central Bank has changed the procedure for calculating the coefficients and the policy has become much more expensive for these categories.

However, not all insurers have taken the change into account at the same time. Many have kept the cost of OSAGO at the same level or increased it slightly. In this way, insurers created the most attractive conditions for their customers.

From August 1, most companies will follow the recommendations of the Central Bank and raise prices for OSAGO to market level. However, this does not apply to those who have an impressive driving experience, and accidents in history are minimal or non-existent. The developers of innovations believe that this will allow insurers to better assess the risks faced by car owners in the face of rising prices for spare parts.

2. Cameras in the “chandeliers” of traffic police cars

Until now, such systems have been experimentally introduced in traffic police cars. Light beams are equipped with video recording equipment with a viewing angle of 360 degrees.

Resolving violations is not the only job of the cameras. They will also be able to read car license plates to identify stolen cars. In addition, the equipment can recognize faces and calculate people being sought.

While the experiment will be conducted on the roads of Moscow and the Moscow region. If the system shows a good result, it will be implemented permanently from next year.

3. Panic button required again

In the spring, Russian car manufacturers were allowed to produce cars without the ERA-GLONASS system. An indulgence was made due to a shortage of electronic chips. Such machines left the assembly line on the condition that they would be built in later.

Manufacturers can make adjustments until February 1, 2023. But the delay in releasing cars without a panic button will end on August 1. utilities every car produced in Russia will be equipped with an emergency call system.

four. Difficulty crossing the border

First of all, those who often have to travel to Latvia will be confronted with this innovation. From August 1, 2022, the government of this country will suspend the agreement on simplified border crossing by Russians living in border areas.

The reason was the closure of the Latvian Consulate in Pskov by Russia. As explained by the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this was the only place where such permission could be obtained. Before that, simplified visas were valid for 12 years.

5. Penalty for dirty rooms (from the end of August)

We are talking about a new organization of traveling on toll roads. It will come into effect at the end of the summer. They will be working on tracks with a barrier-free toll system.

The fact is that if the driver drives along such a route, his number is recorded by the camera and the money is automatically debited from the account. But if there is not enough money in the account, the car owner has five days to pay off the debt. If the camera does not recognize a dirty license plate, the driver risks a fine of 500 rubles. Also, Gazeta.ru clarifies that under the new rules, the operator has the right not to let a car with an illegible number through the toll booth.

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