Name the main reasons that distract the driver from the road

International driver training company Zutobi recalled that one of the main causes of road accidents is distraction from the road, costing thousands of lives every year.

Drivers, especially teenagers, don’t think it’s that dangerous. But looking at the road every few seconds is not enough. The fact remains that every time you take your eyes off the road, take your hands off the wheel or daydream, you increase the risk of a fatal accident.

Of course, it is impossible to drive a car without taking your eyes off the road, but you can significantly reduce the number of such factors.

4 types of distraction:

Visual. It will keep your eyes off the road. Examples include checking text messages, turning your head and talking to someone in the back seat, and reading information on a billboard.

auditory. This kind of distraction puts your attention at risk from something you hear. This includes car conversations, music or radio broadcasts, and emergency vehicle sirens. Conversations reduce the amount of attention you pay to the road, especially if you are engrossed in an argument or a story. High volume can compromise your ability to hear other vehicles.

“Instruction manual” distraction occurs when your hands leave the wheel. Examples are typing text messages, manipulating radio or music changes or setting up a navigation device.

cognitive Distraction happens when your mind is distracted from driving. These are dreams of various kinds, fear related to a problem or an attempt to solve a problem.

How to reduce distraction while driving:

1. If you are going to an unknown place, enter the destination in the navigator before driving. Check out the route to get an idea where you’re going. Place your smartphone in the dashboard mount so you don’t have to hold it while driving and you can clearly see the directions.

2. Write all necessary messages, eat and put on make-up before leaving. Try to plan ahead so you don’t have to multitask while driving.

3. To listen to music, audiobooks, or the radio, keep the volume moderately low and keep your attention on the road.

4. While talking can be distracting, don’t keep your companions quiet. Usually let others do the talking, but try not to get into topics that require a lot of attention, such as planning a big event or making an important decision. Such calls may be asked to postpone satellites for later.

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