The expert talked about the alternative to European tires

Imported tires of the economic segment are easy to replace with domestic or Chinese tires, Pablo Emilio Iturralde Baquero, dean of the transport faculty at Moscow Polytechnic University, told the Prime agency. Quite a few Russian and Chinese manufacturers work in our market. In addition, the range of Chinese companies is much wider than that of domestic ones, especially in terms of rubber size.

Yes, the prices of tires from Chinese companies such as Arrivo, Matador, Windforce have gone up, but they are still affordable. Among the domestic, he chose the brand KAMA.

Bakero clarifies that we are talking about the economy and the middle price segment, where the maximum speed does not exceed 180 km per hour, here the above analogs are almost as good as the products of well-known brands. There should be no problems with materials either.

As for premium tires, there are no analogues. The technical features that Michelin or Pirelli have at their peak are difficult to compare with Russian or Chinese products, the expert notes.

Source: Z R


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