Details about the Chinese analogue of the Volkswagen Passat have emerged 23:24

Details about the Chinese analogue of the Volkswagen Passat have emerged 23:24

The FAW-Volkswagen joint venture in China has prepared the next-generation Volkswagen Magotan sedan for market entry. reports Automatic home.

In the new generation, the length of the sedan increased by 34 mm to 4900 mm, the wheelbase remained the same – 2871 mm. The car will be equipped with 19-inch wheels and taillights with a light strip connecting them.

The interior has three screens, including the 15-inch main display of the media system. There is also a projection of instrument readings onto the windshield. The seat padding of the new sedan has become denser.

In the new generation, the Magotan sedan will have a 1.5 turbo engine instead of the previous 1.4. The maximum power of the new power unit is 160 hp. The car also has a 2.0 TSI engine with 220 horsepower.

Formerly Geely supplied Tiger-looking E5 crossover for the Chinese market.

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Source: Gazeta


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