A new Moskvich-412, which has been in a garage since 1991, was discovered in Moscow 09:04

A rare sedan “Moskvich-412” was found in Moscow, which was produced in 1991 and stood in the garage all this time. In this respect reports motor.ru with a link to the YouTube channel “Retrorembaza – RRB Garage”.

It is stated that the first and only owner registered the Moskvich, but the license plate was not installed on the vehicle until 30 years later. During the entire period, the car traveled only 1343 km.

There was no damage to the car, but some parts still needed to be repaired. Additional parts, radiator grille and wheels were repainted. The engine and cooling system were also flushed. The car is now sold to a private collection. The transaction price was not disclosed.

It happened before that knownA VAZ-2106 sedan, produced in 1993 and having traveled only 63 km in 30 years, is on sale in Russia.

“Six” in new condition is offered for sale through an advertisement in Nefteyugansk (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug). They are asking 2 million rubles for the car, which is more expensive than a standard Lada Vesta and is comparable to the Lada Vesta Cross with a 1.8 engine and CVT.

The red sedan offered for sale spent its entire life in the same hands. The car is equipped with a 1.3-liter carbureted four-cylinder engine producing 64 hp, paired with a four-speed manual transmission. The reasons why the car has not been used for more than 30 years are not reported.

They had previously exhibited in Moscow sales 12-foot Hummer at a low price.

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Source: Gazeta


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