Russians were told how long car wrapping film lasts 13:16

The lifespan of the most common cheap vinyl film on the market for car wraps is no more than 4-5 years. Yaroslav Kukarin, head of the body repair department in the Fit Service network, told this to a correspondent. At the same time, more expensive polyurethane lasts longer on the body, but its cost is comparable to the price of painting a car.

“There are two types of films on the market: vinyl and polyurethane. Vinyl film allows you to change the color of the car, choose some original texture or effect such as matte, chameleon or gradient. This film is relatively inexpensive but its lifespan is not more than five years. It is worth choosing when your goal is to change the appearance of your car, but less to protect the paint. Polyurethane film is artificial rubber. Its main function is to protect the paint of the vehicle. This is what allows you to deal with problems such as chips, cracks, scratches, the consequences of hail, kidney damage and insects,” Kukarin said.

According to him, polyurethane film for car wrapping is about twice as expensive as vinyl and lasts twice as long on the body. But the cost of gluing an element is comparable to the cost of painting a car.

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