Rivals of Russian Volga cars 09:28

The main competitors of the Volga models in the Russian market will be cars of Chinese brands. In this respect reports analytical agency “Avtostat” with reference to surveyed experts.

“The main competitors will be such models as Chery Arrizo 8, Tiggo 7 PRO Max, Tiggo 8 PRO Max, Geely Monjaro, GAC GS8, as well as several Korean and Japanese cars,” said Alexander Kovalev, head of the press service. Expocar ​​​​Group of Companies.

Arkady Grigoriev, head of the marketing and public relations department of BorisHof Group of Companies, believes that the main competitors will be the most popular and already proven models of other brands in China. For example, Haval Jolion et al.

Introduction of Volga cars took place May 21, 2024 at the exhibition “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia” (CIPR-2024) in Nizhny Novgorod. A new series of Volga cars, which will be produced under this brand for the first time, has been introduced.

Cars will be offered in three classes: Volga C40 – D-class sedan, Volga K30 – C-class crossover, Volga K40 – D-class crossover. All cars will be equipped with a gasoline engine producing 188 hp. and seven-speed automatic transmission. Production of cars will start in 2024.

happened before this knownThe sedan is Changan Raeton Plus, while the Medium crossover is Changan Uni-Z. A larger crossover is the Changan Oshan X5 Plus. In any case, the cars have a branded false radiator grille with the GAZ logo, as well as front bumpers designed individually for the Volga brand.

happened before known Why is the car of detained Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov not sold?

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Source: Gazeta


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