Lada Vesta with autopilot was created in Russia 14:46

NAMI Institute announced the details of the autopilot system it developed for automobiles. The universal system is equipped with locally developed software, reported On the website of FSUE “NAMI”.

“The NAMI Self-Driving System is a universal system that can be installed in any passenger car, truck or robotic vehicle. There is also the possibility of deep systems integration in the transportation development phase. “The system was tested on domestic production cars of Russian and foreign brands, including Lada Vesta,” he said.

In the published images, the system module is mounted on the roof of a Lada Vesta station wagon. About testing the system in this car stated former NAMI general director Denis Endachev.

The operation of the system was tested in a test field and public road conditions. The unmanned system uses highly accurate maps and a variety of navigation options. NAMI guarantees that the implemented algorithms, as well as neural networks and the foundations for their training, demonstrate the best performance among world analogues.

Previously at UAZ said About the transformation hall for “Loaf”.

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Source: Gazeta


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