Famous Playboy model crashed her Jaguar into a road barrier 16:12

Russian Playboy model had an accident with the car she bought a week ago. In this respect reports Life connected to Shot.

“The day before, 25-year-old Anastasia Kazantseva had an accident 30 km from Nizhny Novgorod. A girl in a blue Jaguar F-Type lost control during rain and crashed into a barrier at speed, the report said.

The driver was not injured. The car was destroyed and cannot be repaired. A woman bought a car a week ago and decided to drive from Moscow to her native Perm.

It is stated that Anastasia Kazantseva is a model, singer and music presenter. The winner of the Miss World Russian Beauty 2023 contest appeared on the cover of Playboy Monaco in February.

Before that, St. in St. Petersburg announced “Stop” plan due to an armed immigrant driver. According to media reports, at 21.30 at the intersection of Grazhdansky Boulevard and Prosveshcheniya Boulevard in the Kalininsky district, a man driving a Chinese car hit a motorcyclist, then disappeared while heading towards Northern Boulevard, showing his gun. It was noted that the injured motorcycle driver did not require medical assistance.

Previously reportedAn armed soldier escaped from a military unit in a car near Rostov.

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Source: Gazeta


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