AvtoVAZ increased the price tag of Lada cars 16:29

Russian automaker AvtoVAZ increased the recommended retail prices for most Lada models: the increase ranged from 51.1 thousand to 71.1 thousand rubles. This follows from the data on the company’s website.

Thus, the cost of the basic Lada Granta has not yet changed and is now 699.9 thousand rubles. The increase in the price tag did not affect the return on the Standard configuration (739.9 thousand rubles). But other versions have become more expensive. For example, the cost of Granta in the Classic version is now 851 thousand rubles instead of the previous 799.9 thousand rubles.

Lada Granta Cross station wagon added 66.1 thousand rubles to the price in all trim levels. But the price of Granta Sportline and Sport increased by 77.1 thousand rubles.

By the way, the price tag of Niva cars increased by 51.1-61.1 thousand rubles. Currently, Niva Legend costs from 881 thousand rubles, Niva Travel – from 1.25 million rubles, and Niva Bronto – from 1.37 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that the cost of Lada Vesta has not changed yet.

About the fact that AvtoVAZ plans It became known at the end of April that Lada cars will increase their prices starting from May 13, 2024. According to the company’s president, Maxim Sokolov, production costs have increased significantly recently and the risks of sanctions have increased. AvtoVAZ and its suppliers are forced to use complex logistics chains. And all this creates the preconditions for price revision.

Later Sokolov reportedIndexation of prices for Lada cars will not affect basic models.

Previously AvtoVAZ return Lada Vesta is in a popular color.

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Source: Gazeta


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