Cybertruck was seen for the first time in Russia 05:10

Russia’s first electric pickup truck, Tesla Cybertruck, was seen in Moscow. This was reported by SHOT.

American entrepreneur Elon Musk’s unique vehicle was seen parked at Patriarch Ponds and then headed towards Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

According to some reports, the owner of the car is Alexey Eremchuk, CEO of the Moscow Tesla Club. A few days ago he announced the imminent delivery of a Tesla pickup truck from Belarus to Moscow.

Tesla Cybertruck is a cyberpunk-style electric pickup truck from Tesla. The company stated that the carrying capacity of the vehicle is approximately 1.6 tons. Depending on the model, the pickup should travel up to 800 km on a single charge.

Production of the four-wheel-drive dual-motor and tri-motor versions of the Cybertruck was planned to begin in late 2021, and the rear-wheel-drive single-motor model in late 2022, but production was postponed to 2022 and then to 2022. Early 2023.

Production of the car started in July 2023, with the first deliveries starting in November of the same year.

Manufacturers before statedIt was stated that Tesla Cybertrucks will be recalled due to serious danger.

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Source: Gazeta


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