Drivers warned of danger of storm in Moscow

The main department of the Ministry of Emergencies in Moscow warned drivers of a severe storm on Tuesday, informs TASS with reference to the section.

“According to the forecasts of Roshydromet’s weather forecasters, from 12:00 pm to the end of the day on July 5, 12-17 strong winds increase in Moscow, with intermittent rain, thunderstorms, hail, torrential rains in some places. m/s, in some places it is possible to go up to 22 m/s” – a statement from the department.

The Ministry of Emergencies advised drivers to monitor the speed limit and reduce it if possible. In addition, drivers should increase the distance during the journey and avoid sudden maneuvers. Cars should be parked away from trees. Pedestrians are encouraged to skip advertising signs and rickety structures.

Previously reportedIt has been reported that road transport will be restricted on some streets in Moscow on 9 July due to the Eid al-Adha.

Source: Gazeta


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