The repair conditions under OSAGO can be increased by 2 times

Auto insurers have applied to the Bank of Russia requesting that the deadlines for organizing OSAGO repairs be extended by 2 times – from 30 days to 60 days. This proposal is included in the list of measures to stabilize the insurance market in the face of sanctions pressure, prepared by the All-Russian Union of Insurers and sent to the Bank of Russia, Finmarket reports.

Executive Director of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA) Evgeny Ufimtsev explained that it is important for insurance companies not only to extend the terms of OSAGO repairs, but also not to impose financial penalties if delays occur for reasons beyond their control. check.

Now delays are caused by problems making bank payments or the lack of necessary spare parts in the service. This disrupts the conditions for repairs and financial claims are filed against car insurers.

In addition, maintaining current repair deadlines at a time when it is physically impossible to meet them could encourage insurance fraudsters to develop new schemes to take advantage of fines.

Also, auto insurers suggested discussing the possibility of organizing OSAGO repairs using used spare parts or Chinese counterparts. We are talking about new cars with a service life of 6-10 years. This too is caused by interruptions in the supply of spare parts to services. But first you need to approve the list of components and parts that are not subject to such replacement, as it can affect the safety of the car. The condition for installing used spare parts is the consent of the car owner and the conclusion of the service station (to which the OSAGO insurer has sent the vehicle) that it is impossible to carry out repairs with original spare parts on time.

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