Subaru will discontinue one of its models 14:34

Japanese company Subaru decided to discontinue the Legacy model. In this respect reports

It is stated that the last copies of Legacy will roll off the assembly line in 2025. The Japanese brand decided to discontinue the model due to weak demand and focus on electrifying its product range.

Demand for the Subaru Legacy began to decline in 2020 after the launch of the seventh generation of the model. Later, due to poor sales, Legacy was withdrawn from the Japanese and Australian markets.

Subaru will have eight electric vehicles in its product range by 2028.

Before that, the German company Porsche stopped Production and sales of Panamera Sport Turismo station wagons. The model will no longer be produced.

Production of the model was stopped due to weak demand. Sport Turismo accounted for less than 10% of Panamera’s total sales; This explains why Porsche decided not to continue producing it.

Russians before saidhow to choose the right used Renault Logan.

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Source: Gazeta


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