Avtodor will be forced to court to repair potholes on the M-4 highway Don 12:57

The prosecutor’s office of the Rostov region filed a lawsuit against the state company “Avtodor” with a request to return the M-4 “Don” highway, which it manages, to standard. In this respect says In the Telegram channel of the supervisory authority.

“The surface of the M-4 Don highway does not meet the established requirements and has many holes and potholes. This situation threatens the life and health of road users. Moreover, since the beginning of last year, there have been 128 traffic accidents directly related to damage to the road surface of this highway.”

Avtodor claims in the lawsuit that the problems identified with the quality of the highway have been corrected. At the same time, the state-owned company admits that some parts of the route are in a deplorable state due to the lack of major repairs, increased road load on the SVO ground and frequent temperature changes above 0°C. in winter.

If the prosecution wins the case, Avtodor may be asked to improve the condition of the road in the areas specified in the case. There is no mention of punishing the company itself.

Before that Rostovites Established The mayor’s portrait fell into the ditch and was eventually repaired. It is unknown whether the mayor’s image affects the pace of work.

Previously Avtodor mobile application deleted From AppStore and Google Play.

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Source: Gazeta


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