Russians told when to change winter tires 13:47

It will be too early to switch from winter tires to summer tires in March. said In a conversation with independent auto expert Oleg Osipov on Radio 1.

He noted that each region has its own weather conditions, but if the air temperature rises above +5°C, tires should be replaced with summer tires. The expert also called for abandoning the use of all-season tires, which can be used on both summer and winter roads.

“All-season tires work poorly in both winter and summer; It is not designed for either. This is a big scam. Life has a right to it, especially when you are too lazy to change it, but winter tires are soft by definition and wear out quickly if you use them in the summer. All-season tires are tougher, but they don’t wear out as well in the summer and they don’t last well in the winter, so they roll because they contain plastic,” Osipov warned.

Automobile expert “” Maxim Sokolov previously aforementionedTo keep car windows and mirrors free of ice, you need to use special defrosters and anti-icers to avoid damaging them. According to him, these compositions allow you to quickly remove the ice crust and then prevent or slow down its appearance.

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Source: Gazeta


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