The traffic police forgive drivers for minor violations

First Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy sent a letter to the regions stating that the traffic police should, if possible, refuse to impose fines for minor violations, as well as for violations committed under conditions of “extreme necessity”, or a apply a verbal warning instead of a fine.

This is especially true for truck drivers involved in the transportation of consumer goods, agricultural products and ‘other goods necessary to maintain the sustainable development of the economy’.

The inspectors will focus their efforts on persistent offenders: They will strengthen control over drunk and robbed drivers, persistent traffic offenders and non-payers of fines, Kommersant announced.

Here is a list of malfunctions for which inspectors cannot be held responsible:

  • a non-working headlight or lantern
  • Wiper
  • Excessive wear of winter tires (remaining profile of less than 4 mm)
  • increased smoke or engine noises
  • defective exhaust system
  • lack of a rear-view mirror, a sound signal.

In addition, faults for passenger cars are listed:

  • non-working parking brake
  • use of tires with different tread patterns on the same axle
  • lack of splash guards.

The letter does not state that in order to exempt drivers from fines, cars must be involved in the carriage of goods or cargo. From which the publication concludes that the exemption will partly also affect ordinary motorists.

The letter was drafted after the meeting, which discussed the work of the police under sanctions pressure, which Alexander Gorovoy held on March 24.

Source: Z R


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