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Deputy Prime Minister on the release of the simplified “Lada”: for some time they travel without airbags


Yuri Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, said in a statement: Petersburg International Economic Forumthat simplified domestic production of cars without airbags and ABS systems is necessary, among other things, to avoid the protection of factories and save on work.

“What does it mean to close an auto factory for a few months? It’s like stopping the blast furnace, you can’t start it later. An unpopular, but temporary decision was made to switch to models with a simplified specification, abandoning the usual services, services, ”the statement said.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that such measures should be taken to preserve, among other things, production volumes.

Denis Manturov, former Minister of Industry and Trade expression confidence that the creation of automobile airbags is a viable task for the domestic auto industry. According to him, to create its own production in Russia, it is necessary to combine the efforts of manufacturers in the field of mechanical engineering and the chemical industry.

Source: Gazeta



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