A large gang of car framers was caught in Arkhangelsk 15:22

In Arkhangelsk, the court convicted 18 members of an organized group involved in fraud in the field of car insurance. In this respect reports district attorney’s office.

It was established that two residents of Arkhangelsk formed a criminal group consisting of reliable car owners, deliberately damaging cars and applying for payments to insurance companies. Deserted sections of the roads and at night were preferred for traffic accidents, and documents were prepared to receive insurance payments after the accident. The defendants used both personal cars and the cars of their acquaintances, unaware of their criminal intentions.

In total, the attackers received more than 3 million rubles from insurance companies from September 2016 to August 2019. The theft of another 1.5 million rubles was stopped by insurance companies. Depending on the role and degree of participation, group members were sentenced to imprisonment from two and a half to six years in a general and strict correctional colony, correctional labor and a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles.

Formerly a famous lawyer in Kaliningrad pulled out He got out of the car and was beaten.

Source: Gazeta


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