Chinese media published spy photos of iPhone 16 Pro parts 15:30

iPhone 16 Pro will get a metal frame and a battery with increased capacity compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. In this respect reports Chinese publication quotes photos published by the Kuai Technology News portal.

From the leaked images, it appears that the battery of the new smartphone will have a hard metal frame instead of the traditional foil. You can also see the battery specifications in the photos: capacity – 3355 mAh, charging voltage – up to 4.48 V. For comparison: the iPhone 15 Pro uses a battery with a capacity of 3274 mAh, that is, about 2.5% less.

Portal writes that the purpose of the metal frame is not entirely clear. It needs to improve heat dissipation. iPhone overheating has become a particularly pressing problem for Apple after the release of smartphones with the most powerful A17 Pro chip in 2023.

iPhone 16 Pro is expected to be introduced in the fall of 2024.

Smartphone as well as metal battery receivable feature in the form of increased screen diagonal.

Source: Gazeta


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