Omsk sentenced to prison for attempting to burn a traffic police officer 15:54

A resident of the Kolosovsky district of the Omsk region was sentenced to prison for threatening a traffic police officer. In this respect reports Press service of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Omsk Region of the Russian Federation.

“According to the investigation, on July 8, a traffic police officer stopped an IZH vehicle. The report stated that during the document check, a passenger in the vehicle approached the traffic police officer and poured gasoline inside the patrol car and on the police officer’s uniform, demanding that the documents be returned and the driver be released.

According to the ministry, the court sentenced the man to 3.5 years in a maximum security penal colony.

It happened before that knownMigrants from Central Asia started a fight in a Tula minibus. The incident occurred in minibus No. 64. The two immigrants first started arguing loudly in their own language, and then one of them attacked the other and started choking. At the same time, there were passengers in the cabin, including many children. The driver had to stop the minibus for everyone to get off.

Previously reported In Belgorod, young people in the crowd beat a bus passenger for making a comment.

Source: Gazeta


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