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We’re going to drive this! 7 new Chinese crossovers


Chinese automakers are preparing another large-scale expansion – the Chinese ambassador to Russia promised that cars from the Middle Kingdom would soon increase their share of the Russian market.

Even now, when the former leaders lose ground, the Chery brand has established itself in the top five in sales. And everything says that this is just the beginning.

We are talking about crossovers from China that have just appeared in the Russian Federation or will appear in the near future. It is likely that these cars will largely determine what the domestic fleet of the near future will look like.

Haval Dargo

Built on the LEMON platform (which also produces the super-successful Haval Jolion), this crossover is already being produced at the brand’s Russian factory near Tula. It has a host of off-road assistance systems and other advanced electronics in its arsenal.

Pricing has not yet been announced, although orders are open, and a special version of the Hunting Edition has been announced in addition to the basic configurations.


The JAC S6, which has been sold in China for a year under the Sehol QX name, is of a different breed: it is much more urban, both in appearance and in fact – the drive here is front-wheel drive only. But cruise control and parking are already in the “basic”. And in general, the competitor of Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage may turn out to be serious, as the MIS Haoxue platform promises a fully independent suspension and a turbocharged 184 hp engine.

The expected price is about 2.5 million rubles.

FAW Bestune T77

But FAW Bestune T77 is already for sale from us. We managed to ride this crossover and in general the impressions are on the same level. Again, there is no four-wheel drive, but there are questions about the ergonomics of the driver’s seat. But in unambiguous pluses you can write down the design (although there is something to argue about), the high torque output of the 160 hp turbo engine and the comfort in the back row.

Recommended prices – from 1,819,000 to 2,052,000 rubles.

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