Lada Granta after import replacement: first pictures

AVTOVAZ is preparing for series production of the so-called simplified lada granta Acceptance of dealer applications for a new version of the model should begin in July. So far, the new president of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, has managed to evaluate the “anti-sanction” scholarship during his visit to the Scientific and Technical Center. The first photos of the “simple” Grants published Viber channel “In the factory”.

In addition to inspecting the technical facilities, Sokolov was given a test drive of the model range ladaand presented new technical solutions and developments. Between the exhibitions you can also think of a restyled Vesta NG

Simplified lada granta already undergoing certification testing. The minimum number of extraneous components has been used in this modification of the model.

According to preliminary information, the car lost:

  • airbags
  • block ERA-GLONASS
  • ABS and ESP systems

As for the engine, it is adapted to the Euro-2 environmental class (instead of Euro-5).

Lada Granta after import replacement: first pictures

Lada Granta after import replacement: first pictures

In addition, “anti-sanction” configurations will appear for the flagship in the future Vesta, SUVs Niva Legend and Niva Travel. At the same time, VAZ workers will equip Vesta with an 8-valve VAZ-11182 engine. AVTOVAZ expects to produce 30,000 simplified cars every month.

A picture: “In the factory” /

Source: Z R


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