How do you make your car modern?

To turn any vehicle into a modern car with driver assistance systems, 7-11 thousand rubles is enough. For this money, a special device is bought, in which today the DVR, which everyone has known for a long time, has been turned. These are no longer those archaic video cameras with memory cards that were sold only five years ago, but a modern smart device with many functions.

Roskachestvo Center for Digital Expertise: 93% of accidents are due to the human factor and 85% of accidents are due to driver inattention 2.5 seconds before impact. 90% of the accident would not have happened if the electronics had focused the driver’s attention back on the road 1.5 seconds before a possible collision.

That is, devices that monitor the road with high-resolution cameras, analyze the situation and warn drivers of dangers help prevent nine out of ten accidents. Unfortunately, in 10% of the accidents, nothing depends on the driver.

Such DVR based devices are produced by 70mai. Have you noticed any consonance of the name with the famous Chinese concern Xiaomi (“Xiaomi”)? It’s not a coincidence. 70mai is part of the group’s ecosystem and specializes in intelligent automotive electronics.

70mai was founded in 2016, but already in 2018, the company sold more than 10 million DVRs in 92 countries around the world. The secret of such success is simple – in just a few years a series of intelligent video recorders was created, which today has 15 models – each of them can be bought in Russia.

In order for the intellect in the body of the gadget not to get bored and do its job properly, it must be provided with everything necessary for this:

  • powerful optics with a wide viewing angle from 140º,
  • high quality night photography
  • modern noise reduction system,
  • two channel recordings
  • extensive set of sensors,
  • high quality recording
  • mobile app.

Then, in addition to a high-quality recording, on which you can see all the details of the incidents, the driver receives a warning and warning system that alerts him to dangerous situations on the road.

But let me give you some concrete examples.

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S

Take this DVR for example (that’s how we keep calling the 70mai complexes). Thanks to five high-quality lenses, a resolution of 2592×1944, a Sony matrix and video processing, the recorder produces high-quality images in any weather and in any light. On the captured frames, you can easily read not only traffic signs, but also car numbers. Thanks to the 140º field of view, all lanes are also included in the frame. The device also monitors the markings, determines the position of the car on the road and the car in front and constantly calculates the distance to the car. If the vehicle drifts into the lane of oncoming traffic or approaches the vehicle in front too quickly, the device immediately warns the driver of the danger of a collision.

How do you make your car modern?

In addition, the DVR has voice control, collects trip data (mileage, trip distance, maximum and average speed) and registers atypical situations that occur in the parking lot, informs the owner about incidents and broadcasts video to his smartphone.

If desired or necessary, you can buy a rear view camera (plus two thousand rubles for the price), which will also have a clear image in any weather and in any light.

70Mai Dash Cam 4K A800S

And this DVR is capable of more. Thanks to the 4K resolution (3840×2160) and seven high-quality lenses, as well as the fast processing of the video being recorded and the freeing of noise, the details of the photo are stunning. Via a mobile application you can change camera settings, create archives of footage and even upload videos to social networks. There is also voice control, which prevents the driver from being distracted from the road.

How do you make your car modern?

Like the 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S DVR we’ve already tested, this device warns the driver of an emergency, records parking incidents and can be retrofitted with a waterproof rear view camera with a resolution of 1920×1080 with a viewing angle of 130º.

In the 70Mai range there are also simpler, but high-quality and affordable DVR options without impressive sets of lenses and screens (voice control and via a smartphone), with a resolution of 1920×1080, but with a viewing angle of 130º and without the possibility of a ​​rear view camera, as well as without a driver collision warning system.

Comfort for drivers

But 70mai doesn’t just develop DVRs. The company also makes handy compressors that are slightly larger than a smartphone. At the same time, they fit easily in your pocket and take up virtually no space in the trunk, and can pump 14, 25 and 39 liters per minute, depending on the model. All wires and hoses are hidden in the case, and the most powerful one is packed in a plastic case. And they also have intelligence.

70mai Air Compressor Eco

How do you make your car modern?

A compressor with a pump speed of up to 14 liters per minute is suitable for cyclists, motorcyclists and owners of other equipment without a trunk. With a size of 150x120x80 mm, it can create up to 6 atmospheres of pressure in the tire. It is also suitable for cars with small wheels of the 14th radius, as it is able to inflate all four wheels in 25 minutes (continuous operating time is limited to prevent overheating and breakdown).

70mai Air Compressor Lite

How do you make your car modern?

With a pump speed of up to 25 liters per minute, this compressor is only a few centimeters wider than the Eco model and also fits easily in a pocket and is suitable for cars with medium-sized wheels. The run time is limited to 30 minutes, which is enough to inflate five medium-sized tires. This device has an electronic display and dynamic pressure control – once it inflates the tire to the set tire, it shuts off immediately. Therefore, while inflating a tire, you can be distracted and do other things.

70mai Air Compressor Midrive TP01

How do you make your car modern?

This is the most powerful compressor in the line, but it still has small dimensions – 235x110x173 mm. It can run for a day thanks to the built-in cooling fan, and it takes about three minutes to inflate the center wheel. The desired tire pressure can be set and the device will turn off when it is reached. Ideal for large crossovers and SUVs, the compressor can withstand all trips thanks to its impact-resistant housing. We recommend it especially for hunters and fishermen – the compressor inflates even a large boat or tent with ease.

The secret is in the intellect

70mai consciously relies on intelligent technologies in their gadgets. They make life easier and safer: they understand commands, warn of dangers and allow you to trust devices, whether it’s monitoring a car in a parking lot or inflating a tire to the correct pressure. Among the 70mai products, there are also launchers, which, you guessed it, are also intelligent, powerful and compact.

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