Trolleybus drivers got into a fight at the stop, the conductor separated 17:49

A fight broke out between two drivers at a trolleybus stop in Kazan. informs Telegram channel “In Tatarstan they will understand”.

According to him, the conflict between the two drivers occurred on Glushko Street. Two green trolleybuses stopped in parallel at a bus stop.

Footage taken from the car behind the trolleybus shows the two people fighting on the side of the road near the bus stop. At the same time, one of them is wearing a signal orange vest and is trying to hold the other by the hands. However, the opponent managed to escape and dealt several blows to the vest man’s face.

The trolley bus conductor tried to calm and separate the fighters, and after a while he succeeded, and then the public transport continued on its way.

Few people in Novosibirsk before organized The fight on the highway blocked the traffic. And a woman out of jealousy in Vladivostok set on fire her husband’s car, then hospitalized with burns.

Source: Gazeta


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