Russia started the production of domestic ABS systems for cars 08:58

The first production of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for cars in Russia will be launched in Kostroma. In this respect informs Referring to Vasily Shpak, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, RIA Novosti. According to him, the delivery of ABS to Russian auto plants will begin on July 1.

“ABS is already starting local production in Kostroma. “The serial delivery of ABS to Russian automakers will begin on July 1,” said Vasily Shpak.

The deputy minister did not give exact dates to start the production of ABS systems in Kostroma. According to him, Russia has already managed to replace the import of some sensors, electronic control units and wiring harnesses for the automotive industry.

Previously reportedThe government will consider the issue of developing requirements for the use of Russian-made cars in taxis and car sharing. The President is waiting for a report on this instruction by 1 August.

Source: Gazeta


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